*CANCELLED* National Development Tour: Ongoing Education
Date/Time:Friday, Mar. 27, 2020 (1:00 PM) - Sunday, Mar. 29, 2020 (3:00 PM)
Organizer:USA Rugby
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Welcome to the National Development Tour and the opportunity to interact with the larger rugby community to develop better standards and provide for greater enjoyment of the players.

There will be offerings all weekend for coaches, match officials, parents, admins and all others involved in the game.  Registrants can go to any of the below sessions regardless of your place in the game. 

You will receive 10 Professional Development Credits for your participation in these workshops. 

Utah Player ID camp will work in conjunction with our National Development Tour. 

Included in your registration fees will also be a ticket to the MLR match of the weekend. Utah Warriors vs. San Diego Legion 



-  Needs Analysis for your coaching

- Using Flag Rugby as a development tool

- Action plans for the coming year based on your needs as a coach

- Flag Rugby tactics and development

-  Developing player roles in the modern game

-  Winning the ball in contact

- In game management of players and situations

-  Designing Impactful training

-  Defensive patterns

- Interventions for players

Referee and Match Official

- Need analysis for your referee performance

- Dealing with difficult players and situations

- Escalation- controlling the controlables

-  Imnpactful Referee organizations- What the future holds

- Contextual refereeing

- Observation of new referees and assisting their performance- in conjunction with player scrimmages

- Tech zone, TJ and other roles

Admins and Others

- Parents Guide to Rugby- Values, Laws and How you can help the team. 

- Tech Zone, Touch Judge and other roles to help the organization

- Club Management and Structure

-  How to help your organization grow- Recruit and Retain!

- Activate! Injury prevention program. 

- Organizational needs analysis- What do you need and how to get there?

- Interaction with National Level Staff


Location & Contact Information
Salt Lake City, UT  84044
Course Host:Kenneth Forehand

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